Saturday, June 11, 2011

The long Journey to Canaan

Well, here we are! The journey of a lifetime has begun J Already the day has been full of stories and blessings. We left for the airport at 5am from Rock Hill running on an excellent night’s rest of 3 hours in a soft bed and air conditioning. I tried to savor every moment before opening my eyes. Reached the airport and successfully checked our 4 huge bags all the way to Haiti. Of course both of mine were packed ridiculously full and marked with a bright orange tag informing everyone around that they are HEAVY!!! One of the biggest blessings is that a short term group coming from Raleigh is taking 10 suitcases full of supplies down to Canaan next weekend! They have a group of 40 ppl and you do the math: Bethany and I with 10+ bags vs. 40 ppl to handle our 10 bags= very easy decision to let them take them!!! So wonderful to only have one bag in each hand….plus a backpack and a purse….and pillow J Us getting through to our gate with PLENTY of time to spare was awesome….and blessing #2 of the day we heard once we landed in Miami. Apparently shortly after we checked in all of US Airways computer system shut down!!! Lots of flights were cancelled and many delays began…but we made it through! I cannot even begin to imagine the insanity of trying to get another flight schedule figured out. So BIG PRAISE there!

The plane ride to Miami was just fine. Bethany and I were sandwiched between ridiculous this couple from DC who continued an argument across us. The girl fussed at her boyfriend via text, via mouthing curses, until she covered her head with a blanket and went to sleep. Haha, we finally insisted we rearrange so they could sit together! Halfway through the flight we made friends with the flight attendant named Bernard who was from “Chaaalot” (otherwise known as Charlotte). He asked us what made us qualified to teach art down there and then told us how amazing it was we were doing this by choice and not to make money. After harassing Bethany for not teaching in a real school since it’s private. But we got pats on the head and well wishes as we exited the plane.

After making our 30 min trek to our new concourse in the Miami airport we started talking to a family in the security line. They were traveling to Turkey as the 4 yr old little boy informed us. The woman asked where we were going and once we explained she started crying! It’s just amazing to see how this story and work in Haiti touches people so differently. We’re now sitting at our gate in a sea of people in green shirts. So many huge groups of youth group kids playing cards, singing, sleeping on the floor, and excited for the adventure ahead (boy does that bring back memories of HS!). We are so excited to be a part of this journey on which God has brought us. God is doing great things in Haiti. Despite the devastation his love is there and he has great plans for these beautiful people. I feel Isaiah 54:10 says it beautifully:

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

Our prayer is for God to use us how he needs us, speak through us, work through us to inspire these children, and exude his love and joy to everyone we meet.

Thank you all for your help in making this prayer possible and the honor to see it become a reality!

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  1. Josh, Ellie, and I are praying for you two! So glad you have a blog so we can follow your sweet journey!